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About us

Entrepreneur investors

Founded in 2011 by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, MEDEVICE is a French seed investment fund in the healthcare sector. We provide financial, strategic and operational support to ambitious and innovative companies.

Medtech & ehealth

We chose to invest in these two fields in order to bring our skills, our network and to offer adapted solutions to the specific challenges encountered by entrepreneurs in these sectors.

Mission & impact

As agents for innovation in healthcare, our mission is to support companies and entrepreneurs aiming on bringing significant impact on patient's lives. Our goal is to build successful companies, with a sustainable business model and impactful solutions.

Our values

l'esprit d'entreprendre
Entrepreneurial mindset

More than financial investors, we are active partners in our participations, helping them in a concrete way to overcome the challenges they will face.

La proximité quotidienne
Daily closeness

With a unique methodology of daily support at both strategic and operational levels, we form a unified team with our CEOs and co-founders - this is our DNA.

L'excellence opérationnelle
Operational excellence

Because a startup's environment tends to change rapidly, we support our CEOs and co-founders in the definition of an agile strategy and its flawless execution.

Une relation de confiance
A trusting relationship

We strongly believe that mutual trust between teams is paramount to the success of a project.

Our unique methodology

We developed an innovative methodology covering all key topics of a company:

R & D
R&D, clinic & market access
Ressources humaines
Human ressources
Commercial & Business development
Non-dilutive financing
Administratif & IT
Admin & IT
Quality & regulatory

Our investment thesis

& e-health

We invest exclusively in innovative startups that propose solutions for strong unmet needs in medtech or digital health.

With international ambitions

Our specifity is the close relationship and hands-on approach with our CEOs and co-founders. For this reason we privilege investments in France.

Early Stage
Possibility of A series

To provide support to innovative start-ups with strong growth potential, our seed investment range from €1M to €1.5M and can reach up to €4M in a Series A investment.

Time to market
Time to market
< 3 ans

We privilege companies with a relatively quick time to market and support them in reaching their first commercial successes.

They trust us

MEDEVICE: they are as cofounders, we work together on a everyday basis Leroy Antoine Leroy - CEO - KOELIS
For young startups in the digital health, I recommend them to cross your path. Durand Frédéric Durand-Salmon - CEO - BEPATIENT
The dual investor-executive role is important, especially when it's tough, because start-up stories are not always linear. Poher Vincent Poher - CEO - AVALUN
MEDEVICE is a group of successful entrepreneurs who have experience and help the entrepreneur take a step back. Vincent Tempelaere Tempelaere Vincent Tempelaere - CEO - EVEON
MEDEVICE was the right fit at the right time. Doyle Senan Doyle - CEO - PIXYL
MEDEVICE is about understanding and providing concrete solutions that can be implemented right away. Enguehard Cédric Enguehard - CEO - DYAMEO

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Frédéric Durand-Salmon
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Vincent Poher
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Vincent Tempelaere
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Cédric Enguehard
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Senan Doyle
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IMACTIS, a MEDEVICE Capital portfolio company, signs an offer to be acquired by GE HealthCare.
IMACTIS, a MEDEVICE Capital portfolio company, signs an offer to be acquired by GE HealthCare.

MEDEVICE Capital is delighted to have supported Imactis in its development. This acquisition will allow the solutions developed by IMACTIS in interventional radiology to be deployed with the scanners and CBCT systems marketed by GE HealthCare worldwide. Congratulations to the entire Imactis team, Pierre OLIVIER and his 2 co-founders Stephane Lavallee and Lionel CARRAT! For more information, please visit the following link: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20230109005879/en/GE-HealthCare-Announces-Agreement-to-Acquire-IMACTIS-to-Strengthen-Capabilities-in-Interventional-Guidance


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Medevice invests in the startup Emagina
Medevice invests in the startup Emagina

The challenge for emagina: protecting the perineum. Emagina is developing a connected medical device aimed at softening and re-educating the perineum by combining an innovative technology with a medical monitoring methodology. For more information, read the press release.


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Medevice invests in the startup Pixyl
Medevice invests in the startup Pixyl

Pixyl develops artificial intelligence solutions applied to medical imaging. Their software, already commercialized, is part of the treatment of neurological pathologies with MRI. For more information, read the press release.


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Medevice invest in the startup Dyameo
Medevice invest in the startup Dyameo

Dyameo is developing an instantaneous cancer cell detection device that can be used directly in the operating room by oncology surgeons. For more information, read the press release


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